Sunny, with a chance of sudden mood changes

Have you ever noticed how quickly your mood can change?  I’m writing a section of Dragon that involves a lot of mood changes, generally in response to a specific event or as a reaction to the other character.

Of course, dragons are creatures of air and fire, neither of which are particularly stable elements. 

It happens in real life, especially in relation to large events.  I was having a great day today and was in a perfectly acceptable mood until one 15-minute span of irritation managed to change me from smiling to scowling.  The same works the other way, too; one thoughtful, considerate, or surprising moment can shift a crummy day into a shiny one. 

I’ve been learning since last summer to channel my emotions into my writing.  I’ve become somewhat of a “method” author, immersing myself wholeheartedly into my characters as I write.  I’ll try to shrug off my current frustration and save it for another moment, pulling it back out when one of my dragons needs to react in a similar fashion.  I’m not sure a dragon would yell at someone over the phone, but you get the idea.


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