Writing in Bed (in more ways than one)

My brain is often quite creative when I am trying to fall asleep.  Two of the characters from Dragon Pendant were created and their romance developed as a way to help myself fall asleep when I first lived on my own.  Unfortunately, their story (including the very amusing tale of their first meeting) does not have a major role in the novel as it currently stands.

Writing as I fall asleep, however, hasn’t changed.  The last few nights scenes from Dragon Pendant have accompanied me in the dark.  I even took my laptop to bed with me earlier this week (instead of my usual book) in order to write out some of the novel.  I love interacting with my characters, listening to and shaping their conversations, and playing with plot as a way to quiet my brain.

My stories may not come to me in dreams, but they do come to me at bedtime.  🙂


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