Steps to a Story: Inspiration at Last!

It seems odd that working on an unrelated story might get me back on track for With Honor, but it’s true! 

I got stuck without inspiration, characters silent, for a while.  I fortunately had the first few sections ready, so I could post them on Serial Central, but then I hit a wall.

Recently I’ve been inspired to return to Dragon Pendant, a novel with its own random history of stops and starts.  I’ve listened to the characters and finally started working on that story again, putting With Honor on the back burner. 

Apparently getting the creative juices flowing in the direction they wanted, as well as no longer trying to force With Honor, was exactly what I needed.  Today I found a way to deal with the difficult scene that had me hung up (which I’ll be posting another Steps to a Story on soon) and hopefully getting past that hurdle will open up the rest of the story.  🙂

Important lesson: don’t force it!

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