Setting Characters Up to Fail (for now)

Tension and trouble make a relationship between characters more interesting, more dramatic.  It’s the basis for many a great chick flick and romance novel.  In Dragon Pendant, the two main characters have a challenging relationship, in many respects.

As I’m writing the beginning of their relationship, I’m setting them up to fail.  It’s necessary to lay the ground work for their difficulties.  They are drawn together, reach an obstacle, overcome it, hit another one, and so on.  I get to through the obstacles in their way.  A part of me is enjoying it, as bad as that may sound; the range of emotions that I get to write for these two is fun.  The other part of me is the part that makes me write in small chunks.  This is the side of me that gets emotionally invested in characters.  In order to write the emotion, I feel the emotion.  It makes writing a difficult relationship full of roller coaster-like ups and downs a somewhat daunting prospect.

Fortunately the part of me that is enjoying the process can help the emotional side get through it.  🙂


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