Music and Fiction

Everyone has music that they like, that moves them, that sparks a memory.  Currently there is a song that brings a story scene into my head any time I hear it.  That song is “Heartbreak Warfare” by John Mayer.

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that this song inspired an important part in the ending of Dragon Pendant.  One day when it came on the radio I started thinking about the scene in question and something in the song helped my brain resolve the problem.  I’ve since worked out more details of the scene, to the point that I now have a fairly clear picture of it in my head.  I’ve also written a lot of it down.  Every time the song plays on the radio, the scene plays in my mind.  It makes me think about Dragon Pendant and other parts of the story.  This is a problem, for one reason.  I’m supposed to be working on With Honor and the sequel to Butterflies, not Dragon Pendant! 

Oh, well, I guess it’s one of those inspiration things, right?  I should write what I have in my head.  This might mean switching to Dragon if the problem continues.  🙂


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