Life is full of temptation.  Temptation to hit the snooze button one more time.  Temptation to let the dog on the bed so he’ll stop whining.  Temptation to make 5-minute chocolate cake for breakfast (or any time, for that matter).  Temptation to just pick up fast food on the way home.  Temptation to stay home a watch a movie instead of running errands in the rain.

For writers, there is also the temptation to skip writing today.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the temptation to *not* do something is usually less when the activity in question is enjoyable.  Anybody here ever been tempted to skip something fun?  I haven’t been tempted to call in sick to work since I found a job that I really love, although when I was at a job that made me unhappy I wanted to fake being ill everyday.  Writing is exactly the same.  When my story is coming easily the temptation to not write is quite reduced, even non-existent.  When my story is taking a bit more effort (like With Honor) it’s easier to get distracted and give in to the temptation of whatever fun activity is trying to call me from my writing.

I have found ways to avoid temptation, like not keeping any candy in my apartment.  I’ve also found ways to ignore it, like getting up and starting my chores first thing on the weekend.  That keeps the “just one episode” from turning into a marathon of the entire season of something while somehow my apartment is still dirty.  With writing I always look to my audience to help combat the temptation.  My friends who read Butterflies while I wrote it expected chapters each week, and my readers who are enjoying my stories on Serial Central expect the same thing.  It may not work for everyone, but trying to keep from disappointing people is a good motivator for me!

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