Writing for the Future

I love the post scheduling feature on WordPress.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, here is how it works:

I write a post in advance.  I set the time in the future when I want the blog to post, and then hit “schedule.”  At the correct time (assuming the time is set correct in my settings) said blog posts to the site without any help from me.

This is a wonderful tool for many reasons.  If I know I’m not going to have access to the internet (or perhaps the energy to write) I can write something in advance so there will still be a post.  It’s also helpful for my story on Serial Central; if the story is done, I can schedule all the sections to post and not have to worry about it again.  🙂

My favorite is when I have a writing blitz (hasn’t happened for a while, but it’s not unheard-of) and I can write several Steps to a Story or other posts all at once.  Then I simply schedule them for different days and my blogging is done for the week!

This does sort of defeat one of my purposes for blogging.  I find that blogging is a good way to make sure that I write regularly – if I’m writing a bunch in advance, then that goal is not accomplished.  The convenience of it for other reasons is still enough for me to enjoy this feature of my blog. 🙂