Through the Reader’s Eyes

I have to admit that tonight I feel a little like a zombie version of myself.  Two long days at work left my brain basically useless.  Due to this, I was planning to write a “cheater” blog; maybe a teaser for With Honor, or something short and/or inane.

As I was contemplating this, I thought about you.  Yes, you – my blog readers, both loyal and new.  If I read a blog consistently, I would be disappointed if one of the posts was not up to my expectations.  (Granted, I would feel more disappointed if there wasn’t a post at all.  That’s not the point at this moment.)  This thought made me hesitant to let you down.

Putting myself on the reader’s side of the writing (be it a blog, short story or novel) can be important.  Sometimes it’s a matter of making sure that something isn’t too confusing.  I like to keep things secret until it is the most opportune moment for a reveal; this often means stepping into the reader’s shoes to make sure that I have laid out the appropriate groundwork but haven’t given too much away too soon.  I’ve also thought about plot devices that I like in other books.

One of my favorite (and, at the same time, least favorite) things that an author can do is to make a relationship difficult.  You can probably think of an example.  The first one that comes to my head is Talia and Dirk in the Arrows trilogy by Mercedes Lackey.  Both of them are miserable because they are in love with the other, but for whatever reason they can’t or won’t say anything.  They spend most of the trilogy in agony because of this.  I just want to grab them, shake them, and make them talk to each other!  It drives me crazy, but it also makes me cheer for them when they figure it out.  If I like this as a reader, then perhaps I should consider incorporating a similar concept as an author, making a relationship a struggle so the end result is more satisfying.

It’s interesting to think about my writing from your perspective.  Thanks for giving me the chance!  You are also welcome to share your perspective at any time!  Would you have been disappointed with a “cheater” post today?