Yes, that does say genetics; no, you’re not at the wrong blog.  🙂

I have a fairly scientific mind, which means that in order for me to be able to write about something, I need to have a reasonable grasp on how it works.   For The Dragon Pendant (my non-Butterflies novel) this meant I had to create some unusual genetics.  For some reason this came to mind yesterday, so I thought I’d share a bit of it with you.  This does include a little spoiler for the story, but since it isn’t even written yet (let alone published) I hope you don’t mind. 

The main character of Dragon is a human female who doesn’t know she is actually a dragon.  (Bear with me, I will explain.)  Her grandfather was a dragon who changed into human form and fell in love with a human woman.  He opted to stay with her and marry her and never changed back to his real shape again.  He gave her his dragon necklace – where a dragon in human form stores his magic – and they eventually had a daughter.  Here’s the tricky part that required some creative science.  Grandpa is a dragon, Mom (his daughter) is not a dragon, Daughter (main character) is a dragon.  I eventually figured out a way to make it work: dragons and humans don’t hybridize.  Their DNA doesn’t mix.  So Mom carries the genetic material for a dragon while she herself is wholly human.  Daughter has both human and dragon DNA, but the dragon is dominant in her. 

Her genetic material is an exact match to her grandfather’s.  This brought on two more issues which I also solved.  She’s female instead of male because in dragons (like alligators) the gender is determined by developmental temperature instead of genetics.  And she’s born in human form because she doesn’t have access to her magic.  Grandma’s still wearing it around her neck.

Once she gets the necklace as an heirloom and puts it on, the dragon DNA starts to assert itself.  As soon as she learns to take her real shape, the dragon DNA burns out any trace of the remaining human DNA, and she is truly the dragon she is meant to be.

Of course, very little of this information is going to be included in the story.  I just had to know that it would make logical sense in some fashion before I could use the concept.  🙂