There are three significant necklaces in my stories.  One will appear at the end of With Honor and also plays a role in Butterflies.  It’s not an expensive piece of jewelry; instead it has sentimental value.  This is a simple necklace: the pendant is a stone cut into the shape of a horse, hung on a leather string.  Matthew gives the necklace as a gift twice, once in each story.  I’ll let you stay curious for now, since I don’t want to give you a premature With Honor spoiler.

Another necklace appears later in Butterflies; this is actually a talisman that offers the wearer invisibility.  It is some of the only magic in the story, and it plays an important role in the resolution of the plot.

The third necklace is a key piece of my non-Butterflies story.  In fact, it is so important that I’m considering calling the novel “The Dragon Pendant” after the necklace.  This piece of jewelry is based on one that I actually own.  My necklace is a pewter dragon, wings spread, holding a blue stone.  The necklace in the story has a citrine stone instead, and the position of the dragon is a little different.  The main character receives it as an heirloom piece from her grandmother, although she later discovers that there is much more to the pendant than she is told.

I’m not sure why all three pieces are necklaces.  Perhaps it is because I personally prefer necklaces over other jewelry?  Or maybe the form of a pendant lends itself more easily to my needs?  Whatever the reason, it’s interesting to look back at my stories and think about the role jewelry can play.