Steps to a Story: Let’s Get It Started!

I scheduled the first part of With Honor to post on Sunday.  As you probably already know, the story isn’t completed yet.  I’m not too worried; Burden was barely started when I posted the first section on Serial Central, and there was even one Saturday night I was scrambling to complete a section for the next day.  Having a weekly deadline keeps me on track.

Serial Central is an awesome blog, and a very cool audience-sharing concept.  Unfortunately we are having trouble recruiting new authors.  (If you know someone who would be interested, let me know!)  We are trying to keep it going, but with the possibility of “hibernating” the blog, I’ve decided to post With Honor a bit differently.  You are still welcome to read it on Serial Central, but I will also be posting it here. 

 And now, time for a question!    Are you planning to read With Honor here or on Serial Central?  I need to stick to Sundays for Serial Central, but another day is possible here.  Is there a different day you would prefer to read the serial story?

Thanks for your input!