Only Part of the Story

Although you have lived in your life for its entirety, even you don’t know the whole story of it.  Most of us don’t remember our birth, our infancy, or even most of the time we were toddlers.  Once you get to the point where you remember your life, you may know all of it but no one else has seen the complete picture.

I realized this tonight when two of my good friends were visiting.  I recently went through a major life change, and both of them were there to help me through it.  What I had forgotten until we started talking is that they both experienced different aspects of the event.  In order to continue through a couple of conversations, we had to pause and get one or the other (and occasionally me!) caught up on the pieces that had been missed.  It was an interesting way to have a discussion!

This is not just true with life; it applies to writing as well.  Every character is experiencing a different angle or aspect of the plotline.  It is up to the author to intertwine the storylines and viewpoints so the reader can grasp the entire picture.  The whole is in my head, but it is my responsibility to make sure that the reader gets all the important pieces to the puzzle!