Steps to a Story: Talking It Out

Sometimes I need to talk to someone about my story ideas, partially for their feedback but more often just to figure out how things should happen.  A friend of mine, Kim M., played that role for me with Butterflies.  I would always end the conversation by thanking her, and every once in a while she’d respond with “For what?  I didn’t do anything!”  She may not have given me the ideas, but talking it out helped my brain to organize my thoughts.

This weekend my sister helped in the same way.  I had to talk out the next parts of With Honor.  I haven’t quite figured out all of it, but having to explain the details to set up the scene forced me to figure out what to include and where.

Somehow, talking out the story to my parrot doesn’t seem to work as well as explaining it to my friends and family.  🙂