Kickin’ It Old School

I’ve been getting ready for a trip, which means facing a lot of hard decisions.  Which shoes to take?  Should I add another pair of pants?  Do I really need two different kinds of Chex Mix for the plane?  This time the toughest decision was this: laptop or no laptop?

It’s a short trip to NYC with my sister Whitney to get a Broadway fix.  We’re going to see Memphis and American Idiot, if you were curious.  It’s our big Christmas gift from our parents (thanks Mom and Dad!) and from each other.  That said, there will probably not be much time to write and/or blog while on the trip.

Don’t worry, I’m writing several posts to schedule in advance.  You won’t even notice that I’m gone. 🙂

I struggled with the choice, discussed it with Whitney, and finally decided to forego the laptop and simply take a notebook and pen.  I’m going to be in airports and on planes (albeit accompanied part of the way by my little sis) and I don’t want to be totally without writing capabilities.  If you’ve been following this blog, you know I don’t actually create on my laptop; everything floats around in my head first.  The notebook won’t be to write things down word-for-word; instead I will make notes and record good sentences or ideas.

When my laptop and I are reunited, I will take everything I came up with on the trip and get it recorded in one place.  Here’s hoping it’s a lot of good stuff!