Steps to a Story: Revisions

I like to revise my stories as I go along.  With the first section of With Honor due to post on January 23rd, it’s time to go back and do a bit of editing.

When I proofread a section of a story, there are a few things that I look for.  The first is simply keeping an eye out for spelling a grammar errors, particularly my personal pet peeves.  I will rearrange sentences or re-word phrases to make the grammar work.

Another thing I look for is flow and continuity.  Is every sentence really important?  Is there necessary information that isn’t being conveyed in the right place or at the most opportune time?  This is important for me to keep an eye on, as I tend to forget that the reader doesn’t have the same background and knowledge of the places and people as me.

The trickiest one for me is finding places to add descriptions.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not very good at the visual descriptors.  This most likely comes from my own personal relationship with the world; I don’t notice visual clues as easily as auditory ones.  I remember voices at least as well (if not better than) faces.  When I imagine a scene in my head, I might notice the immediate background, the overall setting, or what the character looks like, but the actions and the dialog are more vivid to me.  Thus, when I return to a story to revise (and hopefully improve) it, I make it a point to add description when appropriate.

I plan to continue writing “Steps to a Story” posts about With Honor, since it won’t be finished when it starts to post.  I do hope that you’ll take the opportunity to enjoy the story on Serial Central as well!