Steps to a Story: A Map

Sometimes when I need to work out how a battle or fight is going to go, I have to create a map.

I’m crummy at the geography of the story, so the map is not accurate nor to scale.  However, it did bring up some questions that I needed to answer in order to develop the sequence of events in the plot of the tale.  Where is the bandit camp in relation to the army encampment?  I need an established path through the foothills north of the village for part of the tale, but why is it there in the first place?  How do the soldiers find the camp, and what weakness do they find?  I figured out the answers to these questions, which led to the development of the next part of the story.

I’m quite pleased with the end result; I’ve figured out everything up to the ambush, at least related to the fighting.  Now it’s just a matter of fleshing out the details of the scenes and getting them onto paper!