Steps to a Story: Meeting the Girl

I am at a somewhat delicate moment in my writing of With Honor.  (Take a moment to calm your surprise; yes, I have jumped back into the story.)  I am at the point where Matthew meets the girl.  If you hadn’t already figured out that this post series contains spoilers for the short story, consider this your warning. 🙂

The reason this is a delicate moment is the play of the relationship.  The plan for the story is for his interest to start developing after their second meeting.  The first meeting simply plants the seed of possibility. 

This encounter needs to be brief, which the scene guarantees already, but it also needs to be something that sticks in the back of his mind to be triggered later.  I’m thinking that if he notices one specific characteristic, just in passing (I’m leaning toward eyes), that will suffice for the encounter.  The bulk of the scene is actually between Matthew and the girl’s father; the moment between the two is brief and initially overshadowed by the business at hand.

Now I just need to dig in and get it written.  🙂