A Printer Called Chihuahua

I had a compact, cheap printer in college that sat on a shelf on top of my monitor.  It was perfect when I switched to a laptop; together they took up less than half of my desk.  This little printer had an attitude.  If the paper went in incorrectly it would jam.  If there was too much paper, it would pull two or three sheets nearly at once, ruining all the pages and requiring a reprint.  I ended up babysitting the thing during any large print jobs.

I called it the Chihuahua.

The printer died a few years ago, requiring a replacement.  I have recently found myself once again without a printer, and today (thanks to some gift money) I bought a new one.  Inexpensive, small, with limited capabilities, I think it is the updated version of the Chihuahua.  It’ll be interesting to see, once it’s connected and in use, if it lives up to its predecessor.

Now I have a printer.  You know what that means: time for query letters!

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