Creature of Habit

Tonight my dog Eli and I went to visit friends for the evening.  He enjoys these visits as much as I do because my friends have two dogs, Illy and Georgia, who adore him.

Watching the dogs play and do all the other things that dogs do I realized that dogs are the epitome of creatures of habit.  The girls’ routine is different from my dog’s routine, and watching him adjust to that is always interesting.  Eli is used to being walked and then fed sometime between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. which means that even if I walked him at 3 a.m. (a very rare occurrence) he still insists on going out again by 8.  Even if it means he has to wake me up.

He also has the ingrained routine of going out as soon as I come home from work.  It doesn’t matter what time; even if I work a half-day, he needs to pee the moment I walk through the door.  Bedtime (which means another walk and more food) is a bit more flexible, but he’ll start to whine and bug me if it gets to be too much past 10 p.m. without going outside.  I think the main motivator there is his stomach, not his bladder.  Apparently he has a completely different routine when he stays with our friends; tonight the girls got dinner at their usual time and he stood where his bowl would be if he were staying longer than an evening. 

If only it were that easy to establish a habit in people (or at least in myself).  I tried to set an evening routine that included writing about a month or two ago.  It stuck for a while, but life got in the way.  Perhaps if I was less social and spent more time in my apartment, it would be easier.  I’m just hoping that I can get some serious writing done on Sunday, when I’ll be home alone with few tasks.  🙂 

Hope your holiday weekend has been great so far, and continues in the same vein!!


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