Making Time

I am starting to feel the pain of trying to write, maintain a social life, keep a clean apartment, and work a full-time job all at once.  I wish I could take a few days and just focus on the writing, but that is not to be (for now).

It wasn’t terribly hard before November.  I did have a few moments when I had to work on projects or work got a bit busy, but I think the two back-to-back trips last month really made it difficult.  This weekend (my days off from my job are Sunday/Monday) is the first stretch of two days that I’ve had at home since mid-November.  Add Christmas shopping and playing catch-up (still!) around the house to my to-do list, and suddenly my writing time is shrinking.

I was hoping to get the first couple of sections of With Honor polished and scheduled on Serial Central this weekend, as well as revising my query letter to start that adventure again.  Hopefully I can get at least a little bit done, in between errands and cleaning.

And here I was hoping for a relaxing weekend…


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