Finding Hidden Meanings

In high school, we learned how to read the deeper meanings behind poems.  My roommate Kirti and I (yes, I had a roommate in high school) were both taking the class.  One night I got up to get a drink and was surprised when our little dorm fridge had no light inside.  Based on that alone, I wrote this poem:

Oh what a bleak world it is

When there is no light

In the refrigerator.

Once I wrote the poem Kirti and I began discussing it.  We did an analysis together, like we would if it something we read in class.  Clearly, we knew what the poem meant and where it came from.  However, here is what we read into it with our analysis: 

The refrigerator references food and our source of nourishment.  Light can refer to God or simply belief.  Therefore, the world is bleak and without hope when we get our physical and spiritual nourishment in a way that does not include faith.

Quite a meaning for a poem written off-the-cuff about a refrigerator with no light. 🙂


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