Putting Words on Paper

Nicole, my friend and Facebook fan, suggested that I write a post about if I ever have trouble turning my ideas into words.  Thanks for the suggestion, Nicole!! 

I usually don’t sit down to write until something is fairly well-solidified in my brain.  This means that I’ve “told” myself the scenes several times before attempting to put it on paper.  It makes it much easier when I do open the file and start typing.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work this way.

A few scenes in Butterflies were difficult.  I knew what came next, I knew what happened in the scene, but for some reason I couldn’t get it to come together in my brain.  This same thing is happening now with some of the first parts of With Honor.  When this happens I take one of two approaches.  I either take some time hiking or in the shower to force myself to work on it, or I sit down and start writing on the computer, try to get the basics of the scene down, and then refine it when I revise.  One of these will usually work, and once a scene is started it’s often easier to give it shape.

The other difficulty that I have run into is when I’m not sure what comes next, or I have a piece of a scene that I can’t figure out.  The easiest way I’ve found to resolve this is to talk it out with someone.  One of my friends, Kim, was part of the First Readers’ Club for Butterflies for that very reason – she became my sounding board.  Half the time she didn’t even need to give me suggestions; just talking it out led my brain to the answer.  Her responses were always helpful, though.  I’ve tried to do the same with my parrot and it doesn’t work quite as well.  He just looks at me funny without adding anything useful.  🙂

Hope that answers your question, Nicole!  Got a question about my stories, or how I write?  Just ask!


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