Routine of Reality

Today is a day that I do not work at my real-life job.  (In the jargon of my business, it is “my weekend” – a person’s weekend does not have to be on the real weekend, in my line of work.)  This means that today is filled with all of those real-world routines that we don’t like to do, but have to do.  Washing laundry.  Buying groceries.  Cleaning the house.

These routines of reality are often ignored in fiction.  This goes not only for books, but TV and movies as well.  Even daily things like showering and using the restroom are not included in most stories.

The exception to this is for dramatic effect.  Cinderella cleans the house.  Aladdin “picks up” some fruit in the marketplace.  Alex and Emma pause in the writing of his book to use the bathroom (which allows the focus to come back to the two of them, instead of the book characters).  These routines also have to be considered when locations are involved.  If a character is wont to sneak out through the laundry room, then we need to know how she, and by extension her household, handles laundry day.

However much I might wish it, my life is not a story, which means that I have to worry about all those mundane things that make reality keep working.  And I have to worry about them today.


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