A Difference of Perspective

While I was visiting at home, I asked my dad and my sister the same question to compare their answers.  I asked both of them to describe the “yellow room,” my mom’s craft room.  The comparison was an interesting study in their different perspectives.

Both traveled around the room left to right, which makes some sense as the door is in the right corner.  Some things, like the technology that lives in the far corner, they both described similarly.  But on several things their answers were strikingly different.

My favorite part was the longest wall in the room.  My dad described it as “open shelving, about 6 feet tall, holding craft supplies.”  My sister, on the other hand, said, “bookcases with the stamping stuff, photo boxes, and ribbon.”  My dad focused on the details of the shelves themselves, while my sister chose to describe the items stored on the shelves.

This was true of the whole room – dad with structural information, sister with details.  It was an interesting experiment, one that gives me a little more insight into describing scenes in the stories I am working on.  I just wish I had asked my mom before I told her what my dad had said, so I could have gotten her perspective, too.  🙂