Writing on the Porch

I have been visiting my family in Illinois the last few days.  It’s been a while since I was back for a visit and my parents have done some major renovations to the house where I grew up. 

Today I am taking advantage of one of those renovations: their new three-seasons porch.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, I will attempt to explain.

At my parents’ house, the three-seasons porch has replaced an old deck.  Instead of being open to the world (thus rainy, cold, or hot depending on the season) the porch has walls and a roof.  The walls are filled with windows; only the space required for the window frames is not glass, at least at a certain level.  What makes it a porch and not a room of the house?  It is not connected to the heating/cooling system and has no insulation.  It does have electricity, enough for one outlet and a ceiling fan.  You can probably guess the three seasons of intended use.

It’s cold here today.  Before I turned on the little space heater, it was 48° Farenheit on the porch.  This is not one of the three seasons (although some might argue that it is still fall, here it feels like winter).  I do not get a lot of chances to visit, however, and I wanted to take advantage of the porch as a place to write while I was here.  I’m sitting on the porch wrapped in throws with a heavy sweatshirt, writing.  After I finish the post, I intend to do some serious work on With Honor (that’s Matthew’s story).

If I was a full-time writer, I think I would have a porch like this as my office.  I write better when I am outside, even if “outside” is really a window away.  🙂