Steps to a Story: Building a Relationship

Spoiler Alert: In order to share this part of the process, I will need to reveal some of the things that are going to happen in the story.  If you prefer to wait until the story is done to find out what happens, I suggest not reading this entry.  Come back tomorrow; I’ll keep things a bit more secretive then.  🙂

One of the things I learned from the comments on Burden was that relationships between the characters are more satisfying if they are difficult.  Give the couple challenges to overcome, and readers are even more pleased when they end up together.  Knowing this, I’ve decided to play a little with Matthew and Charlotte, his romantic interest of the story.

The first time Matthew meets Charlotte, we’ll get to see a spark, but not much else.  He is career Army, after all, and while the daughter of a farmer might be intriguing, he’s got a calling to follow.  Both the first encounter and the second are brief.  The second will fan the spark – after we see the two interact, she’s going to linger in his mind, much to his dismay.  (I am looking forward to writing that section.)

The third interaction is going to be more involved, and while I don’t have the logistics fully worked out, it will likely involve her nursing him back to health from some type of injury.  This is when the attraction grows, when he realizes that she is interested, and is a great moment for the two to get together.   This is also where I throw in a hurdle.  Matthew is too honorable to simply act on his desire, and he is still bound to the Army.  Charlotte is a good farmer’s daughter, and unwilling to settle for a fling when what she really wants of Matthew is a husband.  Emotional struggles ensue.

I won’t give you the details of how they deal with it (especially since I haven’t figured them out myself) but they will eventually get it worked out.  It is a prequel, after all, and Matthew does need to father some offspring for Butterflies to work out.  😉


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