Describing Yourself

Have you ever had to write a description of yourself?  It can be a difficult proposition.  How you approach it has a lot to do with your purpose and your audience.

For example, the description of my accomplishments in my resume cover letter is very different from the one in my query letter to agents.  The people who are hiring me need to know very different things than the people who are potential agents.  Even in social settings, the titles you use and the stories you tell vary based on who you are with and why you are talking.  The people I talked to on airplanes last week learned very different things about me than the people I interacted with at the conference I attended. 

Along these same lines, I recently had a discussion with someone about self-promotion and arrogance.  There are a few times that it is okay to toot your own horn: to your mom, during an interview, and when you are trying to promote yourself.  A blog for an author is this last category, a great example of self-promotion.  If I don’t talk about myself and my writing, what would I write about?  Of course, there is a need to make sure that this doesn’t come off as arrogance.  Finding that balance is the trick, and sometimes I am more successful than others.