Time for a brain restart…

I spent the last week at an excellent professional conference, which I enjoyed a great deal.  While a few – or perhaps many – of my readers know what conference it was, I am still trying to stick to my “no work details” philosophy for the blog.  I will simply leave it as written in the first sentence – you can fill in your own blanks as needed.

The conference was awesome; I learned a lot that I can apply at work and my presentation went well.  The only problem is this: I haven’t thought about my stories in days.  All the posts that have gone up since last Monday were pre-scheduled.  Once I left my apartment for the airport, it started thinking about the conference and stopped thinking about writing.

Now I need a restart.  I won’t lose any data – I stored it all here before I left. 🙂   I do, however, need something to spark the story to return.  (I’m not picky, either – Matthew’s story or Butterflies 2, it doesn’t matter.)

Hopefully I’ll get a good creative wind here soon!