Coming to Conclusions

The last section of Burden of Knowledge posted today on Serial Central!   If you’ve been waiting to read it until the end, now is the time.

I just returned from a week-long conference, so I have not actually blogged in about a week.  (All the posts this week were pre-scheduled.)  That means that I need to get back into my writing routine, both on the story and the blog.  Tonight’s will be brief, to discuss the end of the story and give you some prep for the new one.

First, the new one.  This is not Matthew’s story.  His story will be posted after the first of the year.  Instead of diving into the one I have to write from scratch, I’ve scheduled an existing prequel to post in 5 parts.  I have unintentionally used a lot of “b” titles – this story is called Bonded, but I named it long before naming Burden.  The style of the story (the plot, not the writing) is a little different; this one is almost entirely character-driven.  So that you are not terribly confused; it is not set in Diaea, land of Butterflies and Burden, but next door in a country called Molva.  The two main characters are still alive and play a role in Butterflies, and this story is important background info for the novel.  

Since Burden has posted completely, there are a few things I can address now.  (If you haven’t read it: spoiler alert!)

The article of clothing that I had to find a reason for was the wedding dress.  I think basing the design on a work of art/”ancient” story worked well, don’t you?

To those of you who are familiar with Butterflies, yes, the three young women helping Caetlyn (Rebekah, Eleanor, and Selene) are the precursors to the three branches.   For those of you who are not, the three eventual branches are Armored (Rebekah), Social (Eleanor), and Dark (Selene).  Basically, the guards, the “nobles,” and the rest (who fill in a variety of roles depending on the situation).    I don’t want to give away too much about the Butterflies; that’s a big part of the novel!

I know that a lot was left unsaid at the end of Burden, but the story can’t tell every detail, and it is a prequel.  (That means, of course, that loose ends can be explained in the novel.)  If you have questions, you can always ask.  I might even answer them.  🙂