Steps to a Story: More Little Details

It’s amazing how many little details come up in a story, especially one with soldiers and horses.  Here are some of the tiny things that came up as I was writing some of the preliminary scenes, none of which I have fully decided yet:

What is the salute for the Diaean Army?  I think I have something in one of the other stories, so I’m going to have to look it up.  (Yay!  More research!)

What is the arrangement of gear on the soldier’s saddles? 

What type of bow do the skirmishers use, and how is it stored?

I don’t need the details to rough out a draft of the story, but they are things I will need to go back and add as descriptors and for clarification before the story is published.  I’m sure more little things will arise in the future, but here are some to keep me busy for a bit.