Steps to a Story: Prequel to Sequel

I have been struggling the last few days to find my way with Matthew’s story.  Oddly enough, I have images in my head, I have a good solid outline of the plot now, I’ve got a good feel for Matthew’s character itself.  The trouble I am having is the actual writing.

Unfortunately, when I tried to take the time to formulate some of the first scenes, my brain wandered over to the characters for the novel sequel.  More specifically, the new antagonists for the sequel.  I want to start the novel with these two discussing the lack of spies in Diaea and planning a way to prove their suspicions that it is not true.  This is the scene that my mind began to create.

Of course, as a writer, I had to take advantage of the moment.  I switched gears, at least for one scene, from prequel to sequel.  I’ve got a rough version of that first scene written, with place-holders instead of names for now.  I’m hoping to get at least a few of the more vivid images from Matthew’s story written while they are fresh, even if it means writing out of order, and then I might shift my focus for a while and go with Butterflies 2.


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