Steps to a Story: Plot Outline

First, let me tell you that I’ve been spending the last couple of days trying to get a significant amount of writing done.  I have not been entirely successful.  However, I’m going to post several blogs about the process that I’ve been going through over the next several days – there’s enough material here to cover multiple posts, and I’m taking advantage and spreading them out through the week.  🙂  They may be several days behind the actual event, but they were all written near to when the event happened.

I took some time to outline the plot of Matthew’s story.  I’m pretty pleased with the outcome, although it isn’t complete yet, and a few interesting things popped when I did it. 

One of the first things I discovered is the need to flesh out some parts of the story.  The bullet point “heroics here” doesn’t say a lot; I need to work on that part to add quite a bit more detail, although a lot of that detail is already in my head. 

Another thing I noticed is that I have learned from the comments on Burden.  For this story things won’t be resolved right away; a scene can be satisfactory without all the loose ends tied up, and leaving loose ends to resolve later makes the story more interesting.  This applies to two pieces of this story: the main plot with the antagonist, and the personal subplot with Matthew and a local girl.

I haven’t decided on the end yet – part of me wants to add an “epilogue” type section at the end to close up a relationship matter, but another part of me says that we find out the results in the novel and maybe that’s enough.  This one’s hard to decide, and I probably won’t make the decision until the story is more finalized.

Outline in hand, it’s time to start drafting some of the pieces of the story.  If only I could get my brain to cooperate on this part…