Writer’s Retreat

I’m getting ready for a writing blitz.  I don’t normally write more than one or two chapters/sections at a time, but today I am planning to power through a large section of Matthew’s story and maybe get started on the organization of Butterflies 2.

I write better if I don’t have other things to do to distract me.  (Unless, of course, I’m using my writing to procrastinate on something else.)  I have often dreamed of taking a writer’s retreat; going somewhere remote and spending a week hiking, relaxing, and writing.  I’ve been a lot of places that would make for a great location: an island off the coast of Maine, a little town in the mountains in Colorado, even some state parks in Texas with really nice cabins. 

The trouble is finding the money and time to make it happen.  I think I’ll look at my calendar for next year; if I can find a good week I might try one of the cabins in a state park.  A little more reasonable as far as cost is concerned, and close enough that I could drive.

For now, I’ll just be happy that I have some time this weekend, and try to get some major writing done.