Steps to a Story: Math

In case you hadn’t already noticed, I am a stickler when it comes to details and continuity in my stories.  For Matthew’s story, that means it’s time for a little math.

When I hooked up the spare hard drive to pull some pictures off my camera tonight, I took the opportunity to transfer a few more Queen’s Butterflies files at the same time.  Two of those were important for Matthew’s story: the list of characters from the novel and a plot timeline I created when writing Butterflies.  Fortuitously, I had gone back further than I remembered when I created the timeline, and I had a lot of dates for the royal family, including the years of each king’s reign. 

While Butterflies has the year listed at the beginning of each chapter, the actual number doesn’t matter for Matthew’s story.  Instead what I needed to figure out is who is the king during the story.  The two necessary timelines for this were relatively easy.  I had the ranges for the kings, so all I had to do was count backward to when the story takes place in Matthew’s life based on the birth of his daughter.  (Does that count as a spoiler when I said up front that I was working on the story of a character’s father?  I mean, it is assumed that he will have at least one child, yes?)

Needless to say, it was simple math and I figured it out.  Brannon was king when Matthew’s story takes place.  I hadn’t realized how close this story is in time to Butterflies; Brannon is still king (albeit a bit older) when the novel begins.

And you didn’t believe your 4th grade teacher when she told you math was important in every career…  🙂