Not Always Sunshine and Roses

One of the things that is hardest for me as an author who aspires to being published is dealing with the negative stuff.

There is a lot of potential for negative stuff.  Query letters are returned undeliverable or simply rejected, people critique the writing, and on a blog there is always the chance for unpleasant comments.  It’s very challenging to not take these personally; the bad stuff is always easier to believe than the good.

My favorite suggestion I got when it came to the negative blog comments is to respond maturely.  Of course, if the comment is totally inappropriate I can always delete it.  If it seems legitimate, though, I hope that I can always be an adult and answer the concern.  (Even if my immediate reaction is to stick out my tongue and hit “delete.”)

The query rejections are harder.  To be honest, I haven’t sent out another round of query letters.  I’m using the excuse that I don’t have a printer, but the reality is that it takes a certain amount of confidence and courage that I do not currently have.  While there is the potential to get good news with every letter, the reality that Iam always aware of is that every letter also contains the danger of a rejection.   Even knowing that it takes a lot of “no” before you hear “yes” doesn’t help – every rejection becomes a blow to my confidence as a writer.  Overcoming that is a big challenge.

My goal for next week is going to be sending out two query letters.  Two is not too bad, and often once I start it rolls along more easily.  I’m going to force myself to find the courage and fake the confidence.  Here’s hoping the response is good instead of delete-worthy.