The Most Boring Thing I Ever Wrote

In May of 2009, I graduated with my master’s degree.  As you may know, this type of degree usually requires a master’s thesis to go along with it.  I completed a thesis, including presenting and defending it, but that was not the end of it.

My thesis advisor warned me during the writing process that a thesis is the most boring thing you will ever write, and it’s true.  I am passionate about the subject of my research, and I can talk at length about it when asked.  However, the document itself is 100+ pages of research-speak, liberally sprinkled with charts full of data.  Not really a page-turner.

Now it has come back into my life.  In November (which is rapidly approaching) I will be presenting said research at a national conference.  This means that I get to once again familiarize myself with the material.  You guessed it; I now have to read the most boring thing I ever wrote.

After I finish, I might read Butterflies again.  It’s definitely not boring…  and I wrote that, too.