Steps to a Story – Intro

This blog is supposed to be about my adventures trying to get published and writing another novel.  It’s about time to focus on one of those and blog about it; thus, the idea for a new series.

I know that I wrote some about the process of creating a story as I wrote Burden, but it was just as I came across difficulties or interesting tidbits.  This time I’m going to write about it as I go through the process.  Truthfully it will accomplish two tasks: giving you something to read about and making me write so I’ll have an update for the blog.  The series won’t be every post, but it will show up (hopefully) on a regular basis.

Before this series starts, it’s time for you to vote.  We’ve had this “conversation” before, but I need to ask again since you will be sharing this journey with me.  Here are your choices:

BUTTERFLIES 2: this would be the follow-up to The Queen’s Butterflies.  It’ll be set in the same place as Burden and Bonded.  The downside?  If you haven’t read Butterflies you may get spoilers, or be confused about some of the characters.  The new novel will be a stand-alone story, but there will be some assumption that the reader is familiar with the people and places from Butterflies.

DRAGONS: this is the new novel that I have started developing.  It’s new to everyone, so all blog readers will be on the same playing field.  The downside?  I’ve already started creating some of the story (and even written part of it already) so the blog series about the process will not be as comprehensive.

There is a third choice, which is helpful for me in a different way.  That is SHORT STORY: the next story that I am writing for Serial Central.  I have to write this one either way, but it doesn’t help with the writing of the novel. This one is my first attempt at a male protagonist, and other than knowing the basics of what happens (it’s another prequel of sorts) nothing else has been created, so we’ll be starting mostly from scratch.

Time for your thoughts!  If no one votes, I’ll have to pick on my own.  I don’t really want to do that, since it is your adventure, too.  Please vote!!