The Difficulty of Classification

I started transferring Bonded to Serial Central today and stumbled across a small, tricky difficulty.

I’m not sure how to classify the story.

To be honest, calling my fiction “fantasy” is a little bit of a stretch.  Yes, it is set in a world entirely out of my imagination.  Yes, the social structure and technology are more medieval than modern.  Both of these are fairly good indicators of fantasy.  However, there is no magic, which is traditionally the big red flag that a story fits in the genre.

I am willing to claim both The Queen’s Butterflies and Burden of Knowledge as fantasy, and will defend them as such, magic or no.  There are plenty of the other indicators mentioned before to justify the classification.  Bonded is a little bit different.

This story is set in Molva, the country right next door to Diaea (where Burden takes place).  Both countries figure prominently in Butterflies.  So we have the “world straight from my head” part.  But this is an emotional story, a story about a relationship between a boy and a girl. Not only is there no magic, there’s no swordfighting or spying, either!  Other than the setting, the story could take place in almost any genre.   

Do you think I am still justified in tagging it fantasy, since it goes with the other stories?  Or should I tag it something else – maybe romance?  I might tag it both and see how people respond, but there’s still time for you to make suggestions now!