Creative Detritus

I’ve been very crafty and creative the last couple of days, and I’ve noticed something nice about writing.  There is a definite lack of trash and supplies. 

I painted pottery yesterday, and while none of the supplies were mine, there was a great deal of prep and clean up involved.  There were brushes, paints, trays, sponges, water bowls, and paper towel trash to get out and clean up.  It also took some time; with three coats of every color, my cute dragon bank took something like three and a half hours to paint.

Today I sewed my Halloween costume, and that, too, had supplies and prep work.  I had to get out and set up the sewing machine, pin and try on and adjust and pin again, trim after sewing, and clean it all up afterward.  This also took some time, although not as much as the dragon.  After about and hour and a half my costume was done.

Writing doesn’t require that much prep and doesn’t really create trash.  For me, all writing takes is my laptop or maybe a notebook.  Other than a small file of paperwork, there is nothing to keep or store.  Depending on what I am writing, it may take 30 minutes to an hour to get it all down, but once it’s written and revised, it’s done.  No clean up, no trash, no creative detritus.

Isn’t writing a wonderful hobby?

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