Bad Blogger!

I am a bad blogger.

I know that I have been fairly good at blogging everyday and reading and replying to comments left here and at Serial Central.  That’s not what I’m talking about.

The piece that I am missing is reading.  There are many other blogs that I should be following and have not been.  Reading and commenting on others’ posts is supposed to be part of being a “good” member of the blogging community.

I must extend my apologies to those whose blogs I have been remiss about following.  Janna and Barb, friends from Serial Central, have been nice enough to read mine and comment on it on a regular basis.  My friend Jack has an amusing (and somewhat adult, be warned) new blog that I’ve been fairly good about reading, but I don’t make it every day.  There are many others I could list as well, but we’ll leave it at these examples of my inadequacy.

Hopefully I can get better with time!