From a Male Point of View

Okay, so I am ditching the comic writing challenge.  I decided that I am best suited for emotional, serious writing.  If I accidentally slip on something humorous, I’ll take advantage, but I’m not going to set out to write something comic.  (Nod to my dad – I know, falls aren’t funny.  But the phrasing worked, so I’m leaving it.)

I have found a new challenge.

My next story for Serial Central (after Burden is done) is already finished.  I am posting another Butterflies-related story called Bonded.  My apologies to the dozen people who read it before on my private blog – I have done some minor editing, but it remains basically unchanged. 

After that posts, if I am still allowed to hog my Sunday spot, I am planning to write a story to challenge myself.  It is still Butterflies-related, but this time I am going to try writing with a MALE main character.  May not sound challenging to you, but nearly everything I’ve written so far has been (primarily) with a female voice.  Of course, I have a female voice, so it only makes sense.

The story I have chosen to tell is that of Matthew Lewis.  He is the father of Gretchen, one of the main characters of Butterflies.  In the novel, there are many vague references to his time in the Army, and unnamed heroic acts, and a lovely little romantic side plot as well.   Here is a sample of the bits we hear about his history, straight from Butterflies:

“While the village midwife spent hours with his wife, Matthew told his children stories of his days in the army, to keep them busy.  Gretchen asked again to hear the one when he risked his life to help save his comrades from ambushing bandits, while Teddy wanted to hear about his father’s soldier trials and training.”  

See! Seems like a good short story to me!  I just need to find the male voice inside of me to tell it…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jannatwrites
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 21:29:39

    Ooh, that sounds good. Good luck in channeling your “inner male” 🙂


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