Writing Practice

For a time, all she knew was pain.

The excruciating throb echoed her heart, a drumbeat of agony blocking out any thought.  Her world narrowed to the pounding.  Even the off-beat hurt with great intensity.

Graduallly, the beat quieted.  As she became aware again, the outside world conspired to keep her in pain.  A tiny shaft of sunlight snuck past the curtain, the light piercing through her and adding a crescendo to the drums in her head.  The ceiling fan slowly turned, the joy of cool air outweighed by the insistence of the sounds of the motor.

To match the pain in her head, her stomach began to roil and a wave of nausea rushed through her.  Even with nothing left in her belly, the sickness overwhelmed her.  Adding to her misery, every limb felt heavy and awkward, making movement difficult.  She rolled over with a groan, the sound causing her headache to flare again.

Wallowing in misery, she tried to think of anything but the pain.  She gave up after a few moments.

After an internity of anguish, the pain subsided enough that she finally began to drift off into the sweet relief of sleep.


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