Writing Practice

“I know it’s silly, but I really like it,” she said to him as she reached the front door of her apartment.  A step behind, he merely chuckled appreciatively.

She turned to face him, the butterflies that had disappeared at some point during the evening suddenly returning full-force.  Shyly, she looked up at him and said, “I had a good time tonight.”

“Me, too,” he replied quietly.  The look in his eyes made her stomach flip.  She could feel her heart start to race as he carefully reached up to slowly brush back a stray strand of her hair.

Unknowingly, she leaned toward him.  Her eyes moved from his eyes, to his lips, and back again before she closed them, her chin tilting up ever so slightly.  A tightness in her chest made it hard to breath, her heart still racing.

Ever so gently, their lips met.  His were soft and a little damp, as though he had licked them just before kissing her.  Little tendrils of fire raced down her backbone as the kiss deepened.  He tasted a little like the dessert they had shared, chocolate and peppermint.  Her body naturally moved closer to his, her heart racing and every nerve in her body focused on the kiss.

A long moment later, they both pulled away slowly.  She felt his fingers caress her jawbone as he withdrew his hand; she hadn’t noticed it was on her cheek.  When she opened her eyes, heavy-lidded and glazed with desire, she saw the same echoed in his.

“Sleep well,” he said, his voice ever-so-slightly deeper.  Another tiny tendril of fire ran down her spine at the sound of it.

As he stepped down, still facing her, she replied, “You, too.”

She waited as he walked away, giving him a small smile when he turned back to look at her one more time.  As she entered her apartment, she hugged her hands to her chest, reveling in the memory of their first kiss.