Feeling Like an Amateur

I am only professional at one thing: my job.  There are many things, however, at which I like to consider myself a decently skilled amateur.  Writing would be one of those things.  Cooking and baking are also on the list.  One of the things that I’m reasonably good at is photography.

Tonight I was reminded that I am definitely an amateur when it comes to photography.  I went to a conservation lecture by Frans Lanting tonight.  For those who don’t know, he is a premiere wildlife photographer.  His wife Christine Eckstrom is a writer and videographer, and together they spend months in the field capturing animals on film.  Through this work, they document little-known behavior and inspire conservation.  His photography is beautiful.

My pictures are good, but I am clearly not a professional.  🙂  Here’s hoping that I can one day become a professional writer, if not a photographer.