Finish Line!

It’s finished!

Okay, maybe not completely finished – I do need to revise the last three sections and schedule them to post on Serial Central.  That said, I have gotten the entirety of Burden of Knowledge drafted.  It’s nice to be (mostly) done.

It turned out to be 13 sections instead of 12, because part 11 got a little too big.  I could have posted it as one big section, but as it had a natural break point, that seemed silly.  I did find a reason for the scandalous clothing that I mentioned yesterday, too, which meant that I could finish the part I had left to write.

There is another upside to having finished writing the story – you no longer have to hear about the process of writing it!  Yay, now I can start talking about something else!

Hmm.  Wait a minute.  This means I actually have to start the query process again, doesn’t it?

Anybody need another story?  😉