Mildly Evil Intentions

As you may know, I have been writing (nearly) every day and I am now quite a bit ahead in my short story Burden of Knowledge for Serial Central.  I’ve gotten into the “good” parts and have now discovered that I have a slightly sadistic streak.

I’m intentionally trying to end sections so the reader’s response is “What?!”  (Cue evil laughter.)

I know, it isn’t really evil, or sadistic.  It’s more good practice.  If I can get it so that my readers are eager to know what happens next, I guarantee that they’ll return to find out more.  This is a good skill to have for writing novels, as well, because this is the technique that makes a book “hard to put down.”  When you get to the end of a chapter, you can’t comfortably stop because you are dying to know what comes next.

I realized that this was my aim when I went back and edited a section to specifically move a statement by one of the characters from the middle to the end.  It was a bit tricky; he had to give more information before the sentence than I had originally wanted, but I am extremely pleased with how it turned out.  I am also feeling a bit like a cat in the cream over the section that posts on Halloween – it took me quite a bit of work but I love the way the emotions read.  🙂

I hope you enjoy it!  And I apologize in advance for my evil endings.  You’ll just have to find patience.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jannatwrites
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 00:02:09

    You are not nice.

    (I’m teasing, of course)


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