Breakfast with Woodpeckers

Hmm…  I thought I published a post yesterday about trying to decide if I should go camping.  My apologies, apparently I saved the draft instead of publishing it.

I did decided to go camping, blog post or no, and the dog and I just got back.  I’m glad I went (although a few times last night I regretted bringing the dog); I hiked about 4 miles total, enjoyed lovely cool sleeping weather, and had breakfast surrounded by trees full of woodpeckers.  (Woodpeckers are my favorite group of birds.  Since birds are my favorite group of animals, you can imagine how much I enjoyed the company).  Of course, I have returned a little sunburnt, a lot tired, and fairly stinky.  A shower is next on my to-do list.

The benefit of hiking, eating, and sleeping in nature alone (the dog doesn’t talk, so he doesn’t count) is the freedom for my brain to work on story-creating.  When I am stuck, a walk or hike usually helps me dislodge a few ideas.  I wasn’t stuck this weekend, but I did come back from my jaunt in the woods with a better picture of the next part of Burden.  In fact, it isn’t just a picture; I have the first several paragaphs bouncing around word-for-word in my head.

The next thing after shower on myto-do list is to write.