Character Difficulties

Stefan is making my life difficult.

I am having trouble hearing his voice, shaping his character.  The conversations that he has already had in the story were fairly straightforward; his comments and responses were clear within the stable parts of his framework. 

Now I’m getting to the part of Burden where he is taking a more prominent role in the story.  I want him to read a certain way, but I am having trouble finding the conversation.  I know the content of the scene, I know the information he needs to convey, but unlike every other dialog I’ve written, I can’t hear how he says it.  Finding the actual words and the proper tone for them is making me a little crazy.

Perhaps the difficulty is his reputation.  I know the characters of Burden from their legacy; I met them in Butterflies, which takes place three generations after Stefan’s story.   Once you get to that point, the people in a tale aren’t people, they’re legends. 

So I get the challenge of writing a young man, newly crowned, in such a way that he lives up to the legacy that has already been built.  It’s almost like working backwards.  Which means many more revisions and drafts than I am used to, at least for these pivotal sections of the story.

I’m very glad I’m ahead, and not trying to write these the day before they are due!