Writing Out of Order

Books have a certain order (usually chronologic, although not always) but authors will tell you that they don’t always write in any particular order.

I try to stick to the next section or the next chapter when writing, but that is not always possible.  In writing Butterflies I discovered the need for a character after passing the best place to introduce her, so I went back and added a chapter. (For an ‘afterthought’ character, she turned out to be one of my favorites – but that’s a different story!)   To start the novel I wrote several scenes from various points in the three main characters’ lives and then went back and put them in a logical progresson.  I also like to write down major scenes when they occur to me, even if they come quite a bit later in the story.  I know they’re coming, so I might as well record them when they are fresh.  Of course, the scenes end up edited later, but at least the basic structure is there.

This happened today with Burden, my serial short story on Serial Central.  (You are reading my short story, right?)  I insisted to myself that this afternoon I had to work on the story.  I’m trying to build a routine: home, walk the dog, watch Fetch, shower, write, dinner.  This afternoon my brain complied with the required creativity, but not in the way I expected. 

If you’ve been reading Burden, you know that in this week’s section (part 5), I included a tantalizing tidbit from Caetlyn’s history.  I’ve already gotten comments asking to know this back story of the main character, and I’ve figured out the best moment in the tale to share it.  At this point you can probably guess what my brain worked on today – the part (several sections ahead!) where Caetlyn’s story is revealed. 

I wrote it down, and took the opportunity to (vaguely) outline the rest of the story.  I’m not going to reveal any of it here, though – you’ll just have to be patient, and keep reading.  🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jannatwrites
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 23:21:20

    Yay! We are going to learn more about Caetlyn’s past. Thanks 🙂


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