Living Up to the Hype

Tonight is the first night for season (or series) premeires on network television.  If you watch TV, you’ve seen lots of commercials for the new season.  I only watch the major networks (because I use bunny ears, and that’s what I get) so I’ve been exposed to a great deal of hype for the upcoming shows. 

This is the moment of truth for several – will they live up to the hype?

I think this is a benefit that authors have over other forms of entertainment.  We don’t often get a lot of hype before a book comes out, it all comes after.  You’ve already lived up to it if the praise comes after they’ve read the book.  There are only two exceptions to this: a new book by a well-known author, or a continuation of a well-known series.  Again, these are examples where the author has already been proven.  Thus, the advantage of being an author over, say, a TV producer.

For now, I’m going to sit back and prepare to enjoy a couple of shows. Tonight are returning favorites for me; I’ll be judging some new offerings later this week.  Enjoy your week of premieres!!